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We are all approaching death in our life. That’s pretty axiomatic, of course. But what if I said “we are all perishing away?” That’s to say we are disappearing from the surface of the Earth. Together. That is a more daunting proposition.

That is exactly what is happening at this very moment. The sixth mass extinction is an ongoing process of environmental crisis that is human induced and signals danger more imminent than even climate change. It means that a whole host of organisms are inching towards permanent disappearance. This process, under normal conditions, would take several thousands of years…

To be very honest, I personally wasn’t aware of cryptocurrency before I set out to write this piece. So my understanding of it comes from a very layman perspective, which might be of some help for some of you out there reading this.

So what really is cryptocurrency? Firstly, it is a medium of transaction between precisely two parties. I say “precisely” in a very intended meaning in the sense that cryptocurrency does not involve, unlike traditional forms of currency, a centralised authority that approves the transaction. …

As the age of epidemics and pandemics continues to rage across continents, there is a new ailment around the block that has people talking about it: the black fungus or mucormycosis. But what exactly is this disease? And how deadly is it?

Mucormycosis is a rare infection that affects the ears, nose, throat, mouth, sinuses, lungs and even the brain. It is a fungal body named mucor mould that is commonly found in soil, plants, manure and decaying fruits and vegetables. The total mortality rate is about 50% so it is a very lethal infection indeed. The not-so-bad part of…

Source: Small Business UK

The gives and takes of helping a person, do they matter before we choose to offer assistance to someone or back out of it? Why do they have to matter and to what extent?

The above questions are just two among scores of others that pop into my head whenever I am posed with the situation of helping someone. The process of helping isn’t nearly as conflicting as choosing whether to do it or not, for me. To understand the chain of events, I think of the decision as largely dependent on “the history” between the asker and the helper and “the effect” it would have on the events from then on.


I remember the words of Dumbledore to Harry, “Help would always be given in Hogwarts to those who deserve it.”…

Source: Mental Floss

The things I do to keep up, to just about keep up with how I want things to turn up, end up and to just be around me. Time flies unlike anything else and I am left clutching at whatever l’il thoughts and wits and feelings I have. No one really to say to but then I guess there is an uneasy calmness to that as well. No one to judge and no one judges.

So, the eleventh hour is of course when everything is left for the last possible moment, when you go all gung-ho to salvage and scavenge…

We love to tell our stories. We love them to the extent that we desire them to be retold on our behalf. With that though, there comes the problem of annotation or corruption, whichever term suits your liking. Now this editing is almost inevitable, wouldn’t you agree? The way we tell our stories are based on how we have perceived them through our own senses and then translated into languages we know for the world that is accessible to us. As you can see, there are a lot of variables involved that make a sincere overlap of story telling impossible…


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